Session Management

Please capture all relevant data for the aromatherapy session here. This is a mandatory step that must accompany all aromatherapy sessions.

Select the gender of the client
Enter the age of the client
Enter the date and time
Is the client doing this for the first time, is it something they have done before, or is it something they do regularly
Enter the client's email address
Enter the client's telephone number
Select whether the client has been referred internally or is a walk-in client
Enter name of referrer if client is from internal refferal
Has the client ever had an allergic reaction to an essential oil?
List down all the essential oils the client is aware of being allergic to
Which types of aromatherapy has the client experienced before?
List the essential oils client has experienced before
Select the target therapeutic effects
List the essential oils (if any) that the client would prefer to use in this session
Select essential oils administered in this session
Note down any oils requested by client which are missing
Enter the name of the Spa where service is provided
Enter name of Therapist who has provided the service