What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of fragrant essential oils to enhance well-being and vitality. The fragrant molecules in essential oils have an effect on the body and mind making them ideal for managing emotions, relieving stress, boosting immunity and much more.

At Aromatherapy by Blaze Afrik we want to enhance your health using aromatherapy. We provide tailored aromatherapy services using advanced equipment and (AI) Artificial Intelligence to deliver value for our clients. Whether your goal is to manage pain, reduce stress and anxiety, boost your immunity or just to relax and feel happier, we will help you achieve it. Through natural essential oils and safe wholistic health therapies.

Enjoy personalized aromatherapy services

We offer the option of receiving our aromatherapy services from the comfort of your home or from one of our partner spas. Our team of trained aromatherapists stands ready to visit you at home and deliver the best aromatherapy and reflexology experience you’ve ever had. All this in strict adherence of Covid19 protocols for your maximum protection.

We also sell therapeutic grade essential oils and other aromatherapy products and equipment such as diffusers, scented soaps and candles, aromatherapy skin products, dried essential herbs and so much more.

Book an aromatherapy session with us through the form below or call 0792159808 for more information.

What would you like to achieve from the aromatherapy?
The preferred date may vary upon therapist availability.
We are available between 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM.
Home services discounted during this Covid19 period.